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May 182017

There has been a big, mostly-positive, response on Facebook and on social media sionce the Parliamentary Working Group on Assisted Dying released their draft Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill at Parliament House yesterday.

The Sydney Morning Herald published many good responses to this historical event. Some were responding to the position stated by “a spokeswoman for the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney” in the SMH article of 16/5/17 “Draft bill to give NSW residents right to voluntary assisted dying “ that

…activists should be advocating for more resources to be placed into palliative care. Legalising euthanasia is not death with dignity, and introducing a law which would define killing as a form of medical treatment would have consequences for all Australians, not just those who would use such a law to end their lives,” she said. And these consequences would exist no matter the ‘safeguards’ put in place.”

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