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Why change the law?


We believe that people should have the right to avoid protracted and unnecessary suffering when they are seriously ill and have no hope for recovery. Over 80% of Australians agree. Opinion polls repeatedly show that most Australians want the option to choose a peaceful death when they are terminally or incurably ill and experiencing unrelievable suffering. However state governments have consistently refused to pass laws to legalise voluntary assisted dying for fear of alienating powerful minority groups.

Legislative change is important for the sake of

  • Democracy
  • Human rights
  • Compassion for those who are suffering.

Voluntary assisted dying is legal in a number of overseas jurisdictions, including Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Quebec and five American states – Washington State, Oregon, Montana, Vermont and California. A large body of evidence demonstrates that these laws are working safely and effectively (for details, listen to “Better Off Dead” podcast )

Dying with Dignity NSW believe that legalisation should be accompanied by strict safeguards, so that people are protected under the law.

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