Support Change in NSW

On 16 November, 2017 the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill (2017) failed to pass in the NSW Upper House by one vote. The final vote, taken at 11.15 pm that night, was 19 votes in favour, 20 opposed. We always knew that it would be close, but to lose by just one vote is a blow to all of us.

The Board of DWD NSW would like to thank all of our members and supporters for the financial support and great efforts in engaging with politicians in support of the 2017 bill. Several MPs commented on the huge volume of letters and contacts they received from DWD supporters. Some read out personal letters of support to the Parliament. Whilst the bill was not passed this time, we have moved the campaign forward significantly in the minds of both our politicians and the whole NSW community.

Trevor Khan and the cross-party team from the Parliamentary Working Party on Assisted Dying have vowed to bring a voluntary assisted dying bill before the NSW Parliament in the next session of Parliament (after the 2019 state election). We will need all your support to ensure that we are successful this time. The success of the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill (2017) has convinced us that law reform is possible in Australia, and that it is only a matter of time before we have a voluntary assisted dying scheme operating in NSW to provide choice to relieve the suffering of terminally ill people.

How can you help now?

  • Continue to engage with your local MP, by sending a letter or having a face-to-face meeting, especially in the period prior to the State election in March 2019. Click here for our Letter writing guide and our Background Information page
  • Support the campaigns for voluntary assisted dying laws in other states and territories of Australia, as their success will help to persuade NSW politicians that these laws are safe and will reduce end-of-life suffering. Western Australia, Queensland and the ACT will be very active during 2018. Click to learn about how you can support the ACT Inquiry right now.