ABC Foreign Correspondent: David Goodall ‘On His Own Terms’

Local and international media have been fascinated by the story of the 104 year old scientist from Western Australia who travelled to Switzerland to end his life in May 2018. Professor David Goodall was as an academic, researcher and author in a career that spanned 75 years. He was not terminally ill, but his health had deteriorated so badly that he had to stop most of his activities and he did not want to continue living.

On 10 July 2018 ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program presented ‘On His Own Terms’. Their reporter, Charlotte Hamlyn, joined David Goodall in Switzerland to record an intimate portrait of his final days as he crossed the globe to farewell family and campaign for his last right to an assisted death.

The full Foreign Correspondent  program (32 mins) is currently available on ABC iview – click here to watch the ABC program ‘On His Own Terms’.

Click for detailed ABC article ‘David Goodall’s final hour: An appointment with death‘ By Charlotte Hamlyn and Lisa McGregor 12 July 2018.


The Foreign Correspondent program illustrated that David Goodall ended his life “in such a way that allowed his family to have closure, so all the people that were closest to him could say goodbye, …giving them that last opportunityy to say those things they always wanted to say” (comment by David’s grandson Duncan Goodall).