First Nations Voice - Position Statement

First Nations Voice

The Uluru Statement of the Heart invites Australians to join in a future that recognises and celebrates the First Australians of this country. The Board of Dying with Dignity NSW embrace this invitation and extend our support for a First Nations Voice to be enshrined in our Constitution.

As campaigners for change and autonomy we know firsthand the value of community consultation and the considerable impact giving people a say in decisions that directly impact them has.

As a health promotion charity advocating for choice at the end of life, we believe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are best placed to inform the policies and laws that impact them, especially those which relate to their healthcare.

We believe a Voice to Parliament will lead to better laws and policies, informed by the needs and lived experience of the people they affect, and ultimately improve the outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, at all stages of their lives.   

A Voice to Parliament will pave an enduring path towards recognising the significant role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people hold in the history and future of Australia and will help us to continue the journey towards true reconciliation.

We respect our supporters will have personal views on how they intend to vote, so we invite you to be part of the conversation, educate yourself on what Yes and No will mean so you can make an informed choice on 14 October 2023.