“Incredible relief” – Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill passes the Upper House

It was a huge relief to see the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill pass its third reading in the Upper House 23 votes to 15 on Thursday 19 May 2022.

A handful of amendments were passed in the Committee Stage of the Upper House debate so the legislation requires ratification in the Lower House to become law but the VAD Bill stands as a robust and conservative law that will give dying people in NSW the same rights as those in all other Australian states.

Dying with Dignity NSW President says “This is an historic moment for people in NSW who have been campaigning for decades so that terminally ill people don’t have to endure prolonged and unbearable suffering in their final days of life.

“We will now be the last state in the country to achieve this well overdue law reform.

“This Bill will give an immense sense of hope and relief to many people with a terminal illness who simply want to take back some control at the end of their life.

“DWD supporters from across NSW have spent thousands of hours to make this happen.

“All people want, is to know that if they have a terminal illness that will cause prolonged suffering at the end of their life – they will have the option to die a peaceful death.

“Now – this option is close to becoming a reality.”

The Bill passed the Lower House in late 2021 with a strong 20 vote majority, but since the legislation has been slightly amended in the Upper House, it must be cleared through the Lower House later this morning. This is expected to pass without issue.