My Life My Choice



Sue Jensen is 60 years old and has oesophageal cancer, which has spread to her lungs. With Voluntary Assisted Dying bills now in the Parliaments of Victoria and NSW, Sue Jensen spoke to ABC Lateline’s Emily Stewart:

“I’m putting my voice out there because there’s three voices in this discussion. There’s yes, and there’s no and there’s the person that’s sick, which is what we’re desperately missing in this whole discussion….I have lost about 45kg in weight. I get constipation from all the drugs I’m taking, and I know that’s not what you wanna hear but you know what? That’s the reality of what goes on.

Someone with a terminal illness, every single day of the week, it doesn’t leave my mind.

For me it’s about choice. I want to be able to have a choice of all the options that there are available to me, in the management of my illness. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to access assisted dying.” Click for ABC Lateline 1 November 2017 – transcript and video (5.50 mins)

ABC Reporter Jane Cowan presented Sue’s story in December 2016: Sue Jensen has cancer.  and she’s focused on one objective: beat this. She has no problem with palliative care. This is not palliative care versus euthanasia, she says. She just wants the right to choose from a full range of options — not for anyone else, for herself. She doesn’t know if she’d even use the right to die, but she damn well knows that choice should be hers. Click for ABC report 8 December 2016, which includes video (1.47 mins)