New Upper House petition calling for assisted dying laws to pass

Opponents of voluntary assisted dying (VAD) laws in NSW have started a parliamentary e-petition asking MPs to try to block the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill when it is debated in the Upper House in March.

We decided to start our own petition asking Upper House MPs to support the Bill.

Last year, many of our supporters signed our petition calling on the Lower House MPs to support Alex Greenwich’s VAD Bill. That petition gained over 100,000 signatures and it definitely made a difference with the Bill passing in the Lower House by 52 votes to 32.

Now we need to show members of the Upper House that supporters of this legislation out number its opponents, so please add your name today. It only takes 30 seconds.

We need signatures on this petition to ensure that this important law reform is not derailed at its last hurdle.

The petition was started by Bertie and Darcie Daniel, whose father Lawrie in 2016 made the unimaginable decision to take his own life after many years living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Lawrie shared his story in The Damage Done and The State of Suffering, and featured in Andrew Denton’s Better Off Dead podcast. He was a vocal and eloquent advocate for legalising VAD.

Now adults, his children Bertie and Darcie want to see the reform their father so strongly supported become law in NSW.

Please click here to sign this petition