Palliative Care Australia no longer opposes assisted dying

On 5 September 2019 Australia’s peak palliative care body, Palliative Care Australia updated its position on voluntary assisted dying. They are no longer opposed to VAD and have adopted a neutral position.

Palliative Care Australia (PCA) Board Chair Dr Jane Fischer says the organisation has updated its position statement on Palliative Care and Voluntary Assisted Dying for the first time since 2016, in light of the legislative change in Victoria and the current parliamentary action on the issue in other jurisdictions.

“This position statement is the culmination of a large body of work and consultation PCA has undertaken in the past 12 months to explore voluntary assisted dying and its impact on palliative care.

“We recognise that the topic of voluntary assisted dying raises difficult and complex ethical issues, and that there is a broad spectrum of opinion and a level of support for reform within the Australian community which reflects diverse cultures, belief systems and populations.

“A decision about whether or not to legalise voluntary assisted dying is one for parliaments. PCA neither advocates for, nor argues against, the legalisation of voluntary assisted dying.

You can read the full Palliative Care Australia Media Release here.