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Dying with Dignity NSW (DWD NSW) is an advocacy organisation pursuing a change in the law that will enhance choice at the end of life.

We seek legislation that enables competent adults, experiencing unrelievable suffering from a terminal or incurable illness, to receive medical assistance to end their life peacefully,at a time of their choosing.

We believe that no individual, group or organisation should be compelled against their will to either participate, or not participate, in the assisted death of a sufferer.

In order to succeed, we need a large critical mass. The greater our membership, the stronger our political clout. We are totally reliant on membership fees, donations and bequests for our funding. NB: All our members receive free printed guidelines and forms to assist with Advance Care Planning.

DWD NSW is a not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee since 1983 (ABN 22 002 545 235).

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