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What we do


The activities of Dying with Dignity NSW include:

  • Lobbying politicians and writing submissions with the aim of achieving legislative change.
  • Using the Media to focus attention on the issue of voluntary assisted dying. We conduct public forums, liaise with journalists and present the pro-choice perspective in media interviews. We also write articles and send letters to newspapers and on-line journals.
  • Encourage our members to express their views via the media, and to contact politicians via letters or personal visits, particularly prior to elections.
  • Conduct workshops and public lectures to the community groups, professionals and students on the reasons why voluntary assisted dying should be lawful in Australia.
  • Provide information on the latest developments related to voluntary assisted dying in Australia and overseas, via our website and newsletter.
  • Provide Advanced Health Care Directives, so that our members can protect themselves to the extent that is possible under the current law.
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