“Field of Hearts” planted behind NSW Parliament with heartfelt messages

On Thursday 21 October a group of volunteers from Dying with Dignity NSW planted over 3,000 hearts on the lawns behind NSW Parliament. It was done in anticipation of debate on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill beginning in the Lower House on November 12.

Dying with Dignity President Penny Hackett said “There are messages from over 3,000 people across NSW here outside Parliament today – telling MPs it’s time to get this reform done.

“Some of these people are currently terminally ill and themselves will face an extremely agonising death at the end of their life if NSW Parliament continue to delay this important reform.

These messages represent just a fraction of the millions of people in NSW who support voluntary assisted dying law reform and want to see their views represented in Parliament.

“Every day that NSW Parliament does not pass this important law reform – more terminally ill people will suffer at the end of their life in unbearable agony.

“We are disappointed in the delays we’ve seen happen to this Bill – and plead with NSW Parliament to listen to the voices of their constituents and not to treat this issue as a political football.

“Voluntary assisted dying law reform has the support of over 80% of the NSW population – and any unnecessary delays to this are letting the people of NSW down.

Each heart has a unique message from someone who supports voluntary assisted dying laws but who cannot attend in person due to COVID restrictions.