Heart-wrenching stories emerge from ACT End of Life Inquiry

Almost 500 written submsisions have been made to The Select Committee on End of Life Choices for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Many submissions include heart-wrenching stories of watching family members suffer. 487 submissions have been published and are available to download on the ACT Legislative Assembly webpage Inquiry into End of Life Choices in the ACT

The committee will start hold hearings on the issue from the 17 May. The Select Committee on End of Life Choices is due to report back to Parliament by the last sitting day in 2018.

In 1997 the Federal Parliament restricted the ACT and the Northern Territory from making laws on voluntary assisted dying (known then as voluntary euthanasia). The current ACT government argues the people of the ACT should be allowed to choose whether or not to introduce a voluntary assisted dying scheme.

Click for the Canberra Times article 10 May 2018 ‘Heart-wrenching stories emerge from ACT’s end-of-life choices inquiry