Limited edition cookbook will raise funds for Dying with Dignity NSW

A very generous DWD supporter has produced a unique cookbook to honour her Nana Corrie while raising funds for Dying with Dignity NSW.

Tanya Lee launched the Death by Corrie Cookbook last month.

The Death By Corrie Cookbook breaks all the rules!

This is a cookbook that forgoes healthy eating for tasty eating, with recipes from a bygone era when sugar, salt and fat were staple ingredients and the food brought a smile to your face and comfort to your belly.

That’s not the only reason this is a cookbook with a difference. It also forgoes meticulously manicured food images – you won’t find a single one! Instead, every recipe is hilariously or thought-provokingly brought to life by some of Australia and the world’s greatest cartoonists and visual artists.

Here are some of the cartoonists and illustrators featured in the cookbook:

Michael Bell, Peter Berner, Peter Broelman, Warren Brown, Patrick Cook, Jules Faber, Rocco Fazzari, Matt Golding, Jon Hawley, Leigh Hobbs, Fiona Katauskas, Brian Kogler, Simon Letch, Johannes Leak, Mary Leunig, Peter Lewis, Tony Lopes, Mark Lynch, Reg Lynch, Paul McDermott, Matthew Martin, Kerry Millard, Reg Mombassa, Judy Nadin, Steve Panozzo, Victoria Roberts, Buddy Ross, John Shakespeare, Stuart Spence, Mel Stringer, David Wales and Cathy Wilcox.

You can purchase a copy of this limited edition book via the Death By Corrie Cookbook website. Profit from the cookbook will go directly to Dying with Dignity NSW.