Lynda Voltz MP spoke frankly at our DWD NSW AGM

Thanks to all those who attended our 2018 Annual General Meeting in Sydney on 17 March.

We were very fortunate to have as our guest speaker the Hon. Lynda Voltz MLC, a Labor Upper House MP, the Shadow Minister for Sport and Veterans Affairs, and member of the NSW Parliamentary Working Group on Assisted Dying.

Lynda spoke frankly about the defeat of the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 and what we did achieve in 2017. Lynda Voltz spoke about her plan to remain as a member of NSW Parliamentary Working Group on Assisted Dying and that group’s commitment to reintroducing the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill to the NSW Parliament in 2019.
Listen to the full speech by Lynda Voltz MLC below (43 minutes):

At the AGM we also bid a fond farewell to Sarah Edelman, who has been on the DWD NSW Board for ten years and was our President since 2017.

We also introduced our new President, Penny Hackett. Shayne Higson will remain as our Vice President and Philip Busfield as our Treasurer.

Click to download – Handout at 2018 AGM: Summary of Directors

Thanks to Scott Walker and Fiona Jackson for volunteering to video the whole event, including Lynda Voltz’s speech (43 minute video above) and the reports from the outgoing and incoming Presidents and the Executive Officer (61 minute video below).