NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill referred to an Upper House Inquiry

Dying with Dignity NSW was disappointed when the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in NSW was referred to an Upper House Inquiry which will not report back until February next year.

Dying with Dignity NSW President Penny Hackett said “Every day that NSW Parliament does not pass this important law reform, is another day that terminally ill people will have to experience extreme and unnecessary suffering at the end of their life.

“We’re disappointed that the bill has been referred to an inquiry – MPs have known about the upcoming debate on this issue since December last year and were given the draft VAD legislation in July. The NSW VAD Bill is modelled on legislation that has passed in every other state in Australia.

While being disappointed in the delay, DWD did welcome the decision from NSW Parliament that there will be a conscience vote on the Bill.

“Now we need a clear timeline from the Government about when the debate will start in the Legislative Assembly.

“Voluntary assisted dying law reform has the support of over 80% of the NSW population – and any unnecessary delays to this are letting the people of NSW down.

“Voluntary assisted dying laws have passed in every other Australian state – why should terminally ill people in NSW be denied the right to a peaceful and dignified death?

“The NSW bill has had the most co-sponsors in Australian history – 28 in total – which shows there is strong cross-party support in NSW Parliament.

“We encourage supporters to continue to talk to their MPs about their views on voluntary assisted dying and tell their MPs why every-day matters.”