Our Autumn newsletter with the latest news from Australia and overseas

Our Autumn 2021 Newsletter aims to bring everyone up-to-date with the latest developments from across Australia and around the world.

It’s been a long time coming but NSW Parliament looks set to debate a voluntary assisted dying (VAD) Bill later this year. We report on how independent MP Alex Greenwich plans to have his draft VAD Bill released in July with the parliamentary debate underway by September.

We are now in full campaign mode, so read about our wonderful grassroots advocacy which has seen volunteers manning DWD community stalls across NSW over the past few months. Get tips on how to talk to your local MP and letter writing, and learn about the levels of community support for VAD with the release of data from the 2019 Vote Compass survey.

There is the heartbreaking personal story of Abbey Egan, who has become one of our most passionate advocates after the horrific and premature death of her partner, Jayde.

The Autumn newsletter also covers progress in other states with reports on the recently passed Tasmanian VAD law, the campaign in South Australia, where debate on the VAD Bill is well underway, and the timeline for the upcoming Queensland VAD debate. We also look at the recent report from the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board that demonstrates that the Victorian scheme is working safely and effectively.

There is plenty to report from overseas with news from Spain, Portugal, Canada, USA and South Africa.

Last but not least, we report on the recently released Season 2 of Andrew Denton’s Better Off Dead podcast series.

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