VAD Bill passes Second Reading vote in the Lower House 53-36

On Thursday 25 November 2021, Dying with Dignity NSW celebrated as the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 passed its first major hurdle in the Lower House.

Dying with Dignity NSW President Penny Hackett said “Today is a significant milestone for the tens of thousands of Dying with Dignity supporters in NSW who have fought for years for this law reform.

“We still face challenges in the next stage of the debate, and in the Upper House, but for now we want to thank all those MPs who have listened to their constituents and shown compassion. We know this has been a difficult and emotional process for everyone in Parliament.

“If passed by the Parliament, this Bill will give terminally ill people peace of mind to know that they will not have to suffer at the end of their lives.

“We’re calling on the NSW Premier to ensure that VAD Bill is not delayed or sabotaged in the Committee Process and that it is passed this year”.