WA politicians aren’t listening to their voters

On 9 April 2018 Neil Francis (pictured) gave evidence to the WA Joint Select Committee on End of Life Choices that more than 75 per cent of Liberal and National voters support voluntary assisted dying but their local MPs are more likely to vote against the will of their constituents. Francis, who is a professional Medical and Social Researcher running the information website DyingForChoice.com, has analyised the voting patterns of state MPs on assisted dying laws.

Click for Sydney Morning Herald article 9 April 2018 ‘WA euthanasia inquiry: Politicians aren’t listening to their voters

Click for the video and written transcript of evidence provided to the Joint Select Committee 9 April 2018 by Neil Francis of DyingForChoice.com 

Click for the written submission by  Neil Francis – Submission to WA Inquiry from DyingforChoice.com Oct 2017

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