Where to now for Dying with Dignity NSW? Catch up on August Webinar

On Wednesday 31 August 2022, three months after NSW passed its Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) law, Dying with Dignity NSW held a webinar for members and supporters.

Over two hundred supporters took part in the live Zoom webinar to find out when and how NSW residents can access VAD; what role Dying with Dignity NSW will play now and in the future; and why supporters need to remain engaged in this end-of-life issue.

For those who missed it, you can catch up by viewing the video below.

The webinar was presented by DWD President, Penny Hackett, former Vice President and recently appointed CEO, Shayne Higson and special guest, Alex Greenwich MP.

“Now that the NSW VAD law has passed you might be wondering what happens next and what role there is for DWD in a post VAD world,” Penny Hackett asked.

“The answer is that there is a lot of work yet to do and we have undertaken a very detailed exercise to plot out how best DWD can support the VAD regime and make the best use of our time and resources.”

The regime doesn’t come into effect until November 2023 and we know many people are disappointed that it won’t be available sooner. However, there is a lot of planning and implementation required to make sure the regime operates in accordance with the Act and that both patients and practitioners are very clear on the process.”