Dying with Dignity NSW has prepared a comprehensive Advance Care Planning Pack as a service to our members and supporters to encourage them to start having conversations with their friends and family about their end-of-life choices.

The Pack includes our Guide to Advance Care Planning, two template Advance Care Directives and the form for the appointment of an Enduring Guardian

A printed copy of our Advance Care Planning Pack is provided free to all new DWD new members.  You can order a printed copy to be mailed to you through our Webstore: link here. The cost is $20 per set.

To obtain a soft copy of the materials you can download a free copy of the Advance Care Planning Pack through our Webstore: link here.

Alternatively you can access the materials using  the links below:

1. DWD NSW Guide to advance care planning in NSW (March 2023)

2. NSW advance care directive by Professor Colleen Cartwright (2023 edition)

3. NSW Health - advance care directive 2022

4. NSW Appointment of enduring guardianship form (Nov 2019)

An Advance Care Directive does not need to be in a specific form and there are many different templates available. Our Advance Care Planning Pack includes two options for you to consider:

Since 2008, the Board of Dying with Dignity NSW has endorsed an advance care directive created by Professor Colleen Cartwright. This form is very  comprehensive and specific enough to guide complex medical decisions.  It is widely endorsed by Australian health professionals.  While many people prefer a less detailed document, Professor Cartwright’s document is a very useful tool to help you and your family consider the circumstances which might arise should you become seriously ill.

We have also provided a version created by NSW Health. It is a shorter, more values-based form, which may be simpler for some people to use. It does not attempt to cover all possible medical situations, but records statements about your personal values which could be very helpful for the person responsible for making health decisions on your behalf.