Who supports assisted dying laws in this federal election?

A number of Dying with Dignity NSW members and supporters have been asking which candidates in the upcoming federal election support voluntary assisted dying (VAD) laws. Assisted dying is strictly speaking a state issue; however, we know that opposition to VAD can affect related bills such as a bill that would restore the rights of the territories to legislate on voluntary assisted dying.

It would be impossible to canvas all candidates in the upcoming election about their position on VAD; however, we can provide some useful information for voters in some key electorates in NSW based on answers received on two key questions.

Question 1: Do you, in principle, support the concept of voluntary assisted dying laws? That is, laws that would permit terminally ill people to ask for medical assistance to die, provided that they have decision-making capacity and are not subject to any coercion?
Question 2: Would you support the next Federal Bill that will restore the rights of the Territories to legislate to allow voluntary assisted dying?

We will add more lower house scorecards if the information becomes available. For information about the Senate scroll down to see that table.

Lower House scorecards

Senate scorecard

For the Senate scorecard we have concentrated on the candidates who are likely to win one of the six available seats in NSW, those who could possibly win a seat and also a few of the lead candidates representing some well-known minor parties.